Do you want to be part of building peace from the inside out?

Join our growing community of wholeness visionaries. 

In 2003, Libby founded Catalyst for Peace to disrupt the harmful patterns of an outside-in aid system and to grow whole, healthy systems in the world in practice. Catalyst for Peace sees and supports visionaries—from around the world and across fields of work—who lead courageously from wholeness even in the middle of brokenness.

Are you moved and inspired by the stories of community healing in Sierra Leone? 

Watch the award-winning film, Fambul Tok, and witness how communities tapped into the resources of their culture and each other to find their way forward and heal from war — together.

In other short films, meet the Peace Mothers of Sierra Leone, who are carving new channels for women’s leadership. And immerse in the collective power unleashed when individuals and communities are invited into leadership.

The shared purpose we hold together pulls us all forward, enabling the individual and communal transformation we need in this work—and in our life—to unfold.