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Activating the Resource of Community: Libby Hoffman on the podcast Living Love with Beth Tener

The conversation addresses The Answers Are There and highlights the importance of making time for learning and reflection. It explores the story of a community-led process, begun after the civil war in Sierra Leone, to reconcile and work together to lead change at the local level. We see that when the health of a community is restored, all kinds of resources can be activated.  

Libby discusses The Answers Are There on KMET’s Moments with Marianne

On Moments with Marianne, Libby discusses the need for a new architecture for peace. Listeners will learn about the origin of her work and Libby’s journey of discovery and reflection. 

Peace from the Inside Out

In their blog, Change This, Porchlight Books highlights the potential for positive change The Answers Are There sparks, amplifying the idea of “Peace from the Inside Out.” In their beautifully designed excerpt, Libby outlines the path to this inside-out peace that begins with identifying what makes a whole and healthy system and choosing to live into that reality now. 

How I work is as important as what I do. This has helped me succeed as a founder.

For Young Upstarts, an online resource for startup entrepreneurs and change-seekers, Libby writes about applying a soul-centered approach to leadership and the transformational power of being intentional not just about what she does, but also, how she goes about it.

Leaders need support, too

Leadership often requires that we focus on enhancing others’ work and results. But, this can hamper a leader’s ability to support others over the long haul, and may create burnout. In a guest post for Leadership Freak with Dan Rockwell, Libby describes how she uses a Wisdom Circle, a community of support, to refresh and renew her vision, discernment, and energy for her work. 

How you work is as important as what you do

Libby guest posts for When Women Inspire, reflecting on her experience as a founder of Catalyst for Peace. The work began 15 years ago when Libby discovered that achieving lasting, significant change required being intentional with what she was doing and how she was doing it.

The Power of Invitational Leadership

The best leaders are those who make more leaders. In this piece for Smart Brief on Leadership, Libby highlights four specific ways to cultivate invitational leadership for individuals and organizations.

How and Why Author Libby Hoffman is Helping to Change Our World

In an interview with Authority Magazine for their “Social Impact Author Series”, Libby discusses her inspirations and evolutions of her peacebuilding work, and her newly released book, The Answers Are There.

Building Peace in Sierra Leone

Catalyst for Peace and Fambul Tok have paved the way for The Wan Fambul National Framework, exemplifying a new paradigm in international peace and development. See AYV News in Sierra Leone cover the framework and the recent conference on next steps for its national implementation.

Film as a catalyst for reconciliation, with Libby Hoffman

Libby joins the Making Peace Visible podcast with Jamil Simon. While filming ritual reconciliation processes in Sierra Leone, peacebuilder and philanthropist Libby Hoffman learned that justice for Sierra Leonians isn’t about punishing or ousting a perpetrator. Rather, justice comes through making the community whole again.

Making The World A Better Place With Community Wisdom

ON Point Guest host David Peck and Libby Hoffman discuss the life changing experience that motivated her to write The Answers Are There, and what the rest of the world could learn from her experience to help preserve and save cultures.

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The founder and president of Catalyst for Peace and author of the award-winning book, The Answers Are There: Building Peace from the Inside Out, Libby Hoffman creates space for those most impacted by violence and war to lead in building the peace and restoring social wholeness. For more than 15 years, she has focused her work in Sierra Leone, as co-founder, funder and ongoing program partner of Fambul Tok (Family Talk), a post-war reconciliation program rooted in local culture and tradition. After the 2014 Ebola epidemic, she helped adapt the Fambul Tok approach into a national policy framework for people- and community-led planning and development, modeling transformative partnerships between international donors, national governments, and civil society.

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Libby produced the award-winning documentary film Fambul Tok and co-authored a companion book of the same name. A former political science professor at Principia College, she has degrees from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and Williams College. The mother of three grown children, she divides her time between southern Maine and Washington, DC.

People are yearning to trust, to lean into, and to learn from their own embodied knowledge and experience, their own wisdom.