Fambul Tok

Watch the award-winning documentary about the community-based approach to reconciliation that began our work. For nearly a decade, Catalyst for Peace worked in partnership with Fambul Tok to pioneer a ground-breaking approach to reconciliation, putting communities at the center. This feature-length documentary tells the story of that work and the people who made it possible. Producer and Executive Producer.

Fambul Tok – educational versionIntegrating material from the Epilogue, edited with classroom use in mind. 

Download Fambul Tok education guides to accompany the film for students and teachers

Inviting Leadership

Producer, featured speaker: a 2019 short film on inside-out leadership in action, featuring the story of Lilian and Fatim, whose journey together shows the global ripple effects of what began in rural Sierra Leone.

Peace Mothers

Producer: a short film highlighting the powerful rural women of Sierra Leone as they rise from the ashes of war to lead their communities to peace and new growth. 

Middle Schoolers “Walk the Tok“

Director and Producer: American teens apply the restorative justice concepts they learned from Fambul Tok to address bullying and disrespect in their classroom and school in Philadelphia, PA.

From Ex-Combatants to ‘Peace Parents’

Producer: a short film following notorious rebel commander Mohammed Savage, whose dramatic reconciliation process was featured in the Fambul Tok film, as he uses his story to invite other ex-combatants to be leaders for peace.

People are yearning to trust, to lean into, and to learn from their own embodied knowledge and experience, their own wisdom.